One of the best USB-C hub 2023: Excellent USB-C docks

USB-C is a superb factor – it is taken a good period of time for the usual to actually unfold across the trade, however now extra laptops and computer systems than ever ship with USB-C ports that can be utilized for all kinds of issues.

Whether or not it is charging, show connections or peripherals, it is a port that permits you to do all of it, however one draw back to the revolution it is introduced with it has been that some laptops and tablets have taken the chance to make it the solely port they arrive with.


If you happen to’ve solely received one port to play with, doing issues like charging and passing your show to a monitor on the similar time is usually a nightmare. That is why we have rounded up some glorious UBS-C hubs for you to try.

All of those gadgets develop your laptop computer or pill’s connectivity and allow you to hook as much as all of the gadgets and equipment you want, making them a should for anybody working from residence or on the go.

Our Top Pick: Best USB-C Hub

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DockCase Visual Smart Hub

1. Best overall

Best overall

You may not realise how handy it is to have a screen on your USB-C hub, but once you’ve used the DockCase Visual Smart Hub, you won’t want to go back.


  • 100W PD pass-through
  • Built-in display
  • Up to 5Gbps transfers

  • The screen is hard to read in bright conditions

The DockCase Visual Smart Hub stands out from the crowd by being the first USB-C hub with a built-in display. It may not seem like a necessary addition, but, in practice, it’s really nice to have.

The screen will tell you which devices are connected and the speed of each one, along with detailing the volts and amperage of your charger, and the resolution and refresh rate of an attached screen. It makes troubleshooting an absolute breeze.

Aside from its main party trick, the Dockcase hub is just an all-around solid USB-C hub with gorgeous construction and impressive specs – all at a reasonable price. What more could you ask for?

USB-C hubs we also recommend

While we think the Dockcase Visual Smart Hub is a great choice, it won’t be the perfect hub for everyone. So, here are some other top USB-C hub options that we recommend checking out.

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Twelve South StayGo

2. Lovely materials

A solid pick

Twelve South’s accessories expertise shows with this brilliant little dock, although there are far cheaper options.


  • 7.5W fast charge output
  • Well built and nicely designed
  • 4K HDMI and gigabit ethernet

Simple and elegant, this is another superb hub from Twelve South, which makes a wide range of impressive accessories for laptop users. We’ve been using the StayGo for months, and the hub has loads of the connections you’re likely to want, including 4K HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet, SD and micro SD slots and more.

That makes it great for users who might need a variety of uses out of it, and it’s also impressively small and really portable, even including its own cable to connect to your computer with, built into the body itself. Plus, it’s really well-made and sturdy enough to stay still on your desk.

Best USB-C hubs photo 10

Moshi Symbus Mini

3. Port heaven

A great all-rounder

One of the most feature-packed USB-C hubs around, this is still great for travel and the cable tucks away nicely.


  • Magnetic cable management
  • Speedy USB and card reader transfers
  • HDMI supports 4K 60Hz HDR

  • The connection cable is quite short

One of the most feature-packed USB-C hubs around, the Symbus Mini is nice and compact yet still packs in dual USB-A (USB 3.1) ports, SD and microSD, HDMI 2.0 for outputting up to 60hz 4K and another USB-C charging pass-through port for Power Delivery (PD) up to 70W.

We have to say we missed the Gigabit Ethernet port on first pass, but it’s there and it folds out – it’s a slimline port.

The Symbus Mini is great for travel and the cable tucks away nicely – a do-everything portable dock.

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Kingston Nucleum USB-C adapter

4. Impressively small

Compact and versatile

This dock has a plethora of ports without requiring you to cart around a big unit – the perfect combo.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Designed to match the MacBook finish
  • Lots of ports considering the size

This is a hub that’s closer to a dongle, given how small and smart it is, and that’s a really good thing in our books. Kingston has shrunk down its hub to include only what you need, most importantly getting two USB-C ports on board to let you charge while using other accessories. You also get standard USB ports and memory card slots.

There’s an HDMI slot, too, to round it out, which ticks off the ports we’d ask for. If you need a wider range, you might have to get a bigger hub, but for a really reasonable price, we think this is likely to be the best hub for most people.

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Belkin USB-C 4-Port Mini Hub with Tethered USB-C Cable

5. Travel companion

Simple yet effective

$50 $58 Save $8

A really sleek port if all you’re looking for is a few extra USB slots.


  • Well priced
  • Up to 5Gbps transfers
  • Highly portable

Another really solid option is offered by this swish little hub from Belkin, which strips the form even further back, and gets the price down, too. If all you’re looking for are a couple of USB-C ports and a couple of USB-A ones for older accessories, this will do the job nicely. That said, the Kingston offers a few more ports at nearly the same price, which sees it win out.

Still, we really like the design of this hub. It’ll very much depend on the individual as to which is perfect.

Best USB-C hubs photo 9

Anker USB C Hub Adapter, 5-in-1

6. Worth considering

Fantastic value

If you’re on a tighter budget, and don’t need many ports, Anker’s hub is a great cheap pick.


  • An affordable choice
  • Up to 5Gbps speeds
  • Nice and small

Some people won’t be on the lookout for dozens of ports in one hub, though – a simple little dongle might just be all they need. Apple’s own official USB-C dongle, for example, only has three ports, but it represents pretty poor value compared to this option from Anker.

It’ll let you hook up memory cards, an HDMI cable and two USB-A cables, which might not be the most cutting-edge range of options, but is likely to be more than enough for a lot of people who just want a couple of extra ports to play around with.

How to choose a USB-C hub

Choosing a quality USB-C hub can be quite an overwhelming task, especially with such a variety of ports, styles and standards on offer. If you need a bit more help narrowing down the options, here are some things that we recommend thinking about before choosing a hub.

What do you need to plug in?

It’s a fairly simple one, but it can be incredibly easy to overlook a port if you’re not careful. We’d recommend thinking about all the devices you’re likely to need to plug in at once and making sure that your chosen hub has all the required ports.

For example, a typical home office setup might include a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and a headset or speakers. In that case, you’d look for a hub with HDMI output, at least two USB ports and a 3.5mm audio socket.

If you’ll be plugging in something that requires a high transfer speed, such as an external SSD, then you definitely’ll wish to pay explicit consideration to the speeds provided by the hub, however for issues like mice and keyboards, it will not matter as a lot.

Does your system use USB-C for energy?

In case your laptop computer prices by USB-C then you definitely may wish to search for a hub that gives USB-C energy supply pass-through. After all, if in case you have a number of USB-C ports, you can use one for charging and one for the hub, which could avoid wasting money too.

If you happen to go for a hub that gives energy supply, it is necessary to test the wattage it helps with the intention to get the complete profit. If you happen to’re used to charging with a 100W charger and your hub solely helps 65W, it’ll cost a lot slower or could not even be appropriate in any respect.

At residence or on the go?

Lastly, it is necessary to consider whether or not your hub might be used solely at residence or if will you wish to take it out with you too. Totally different hubs are designed with totally different use instances in thoughts, and choosing the incorrect one may depart you with a fairly inconvenient system.

Hubs which might be designed to reside in a single spot are usually bigger and heavier gadgets which might be much less prone to get knocked round in your desk, whereas hubs designed for all times on the transfer are usually lighter, smaller and simpler to take with you.

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